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TCNJ RoC’s First Robothon!

On Saturday, February 18th at 10am TCNJ Robotics Club began their first (and possibly annual) Robothon in Armstrong Hall 136, co-hosted by TCNJ IEEE (Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers) and TCNJ ACM (Association for Computing Machinery). The event lasted 12 hours where five teams of four competed for prizes to build autonomous firefighting robots that could navigate a maze, sense a flame, and put out a fire with a fan. Students were provided with frames, infrared sensors, Arduino microcontrollers, and other necessary components to construct their robot designs and implement their maze traversing algorithms. Lunch, dinner, beverages, and snacks were provided to participants throughout the event, sponsored by IEEE and ACM, and some prizes were distributed through raffles and trivia games. In the video below, excited participants cheer on TCNJ Robothon’s winning robot as it senses and extinguishes the candle flame.

The purpose of TCNJ Robothon is to enrich students’ understanding of robotics and to provide a hands-on robot hackathon at The College of New Jersey. As a result of the event, a high level of insight and competency in robotics among participants can be developed. Additionally, the completion of Robothon progresses the club’s objective to compete at Trinity College’s Fire Fighting Robot competition.

TCNJ Robotics Club would like to thank all engineering faculty and staff that made this event possible. We would like to encourage any student with an interest in robotics to join TCNJ RoC for our Wednesday meetings in Armstrong Hall! Please email to join our mailing list and receive meeting notifications.